kitewing 4.0

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Značka: Kitewing USA
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kitewing velikost 4.0 ( uvedená cena je pouze orientační )

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The New 4.0
We have improved the now retired 4.0 Falcon wing. The new 4.0 includes options and upgrades.
Frame options include fiberglass and aluminum or full carbon. A hybrid frame specific for
use in the water is also available as full carbon and stainless hardware.

Sail options of Dacron or X-ply

Upgrades include broad seam shape for a full wing with more camber for power on the water.
Extra grommets have been added for a laced reflex. Also leach stabilizers.

The new Kitewing 4.0 should be a better heavy air performer. Compared to the 3.0 the extra
batten makes the 4.0 tension to a stiff and stable set less susceptible to distortion at high wing

The shorter wingspan of the 4.0 square meter sail makes it agile and easy to use.
Five battens help stabilize this wing, making it ideal not only for beginners and lightweight sailors,
but also for more skilled and heavier riders in strong winds.

logo Kitewing

Welcome to Kitewing – Hand Held Wings

The Kitewing is a hand held wingsail designed for sailing on low friction surfaces. Sail over ice and snow with skates and skis, pavement with skateboards or rollerblades, mountainboards on beach or desert – it is all Kitewing terrain.