kitewing 5.5. Speed

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Značka: Kitewing USA
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kitewing velikost 5.5 ( uvedená cena je pouze orientační )

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The 5.5 Speed sail is designed specifically to fit the stiff light weight carbon fiber frame. The sail can be used with composite fiberglass (5.5 ) front tubes as well, but the flatter luff curve was designed to fit the stiffer light weight carbon front tube upgrade to the standard frame.

The sail is constructed from a light weight scrim fabric at Ezzy Sails. The scrim fabric is closely woven polyester scrim and X ply laminated on both sides with clear film. The sail includes Dacron luff sleeves with Cordura reenforced openings and chafe points, cam lock tip tensioners, three position reflex tensioner, and leach strap.

The 5.5 Speed sail features a reduced luff curve. However, it can be tuned through a fairly wide range of foil shapes. The 5.5 Speed sail fits the standard frame as well as the stiff frame. It is likely the best option for folks seeking a cleaner, lighter foil for racing. Full battens can still be used.

The Speed is standard with full carbon fiber frame, Y tubes and boom with fiberglass tip wands.

Two cleats at the clew end of the Speed boom are standard.

Options include a hybrid carbon fiber water frame with injected foam core and stainless steel hardware.


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Welcome to Kitewing – Hand Held Wings

The Kitewing is a hand held wingsail designed for sailing on low friction surfaces. Sail over ice and snow with skates and skis, pavement with skateboards or rollerblades, mountainboards on beach or desert – it is all Kitewing terrain.