zapletená kola Winspace Hyper profil 65mm

Kód: 711
Značka: Winspace CH
33 880 Kč / ks 28 000 Kč bez DPH
skladem ( 1- 2 týdny )

profil 65mm, Shimno ořech, ráfkové brzdy, keramická ložiska, karbonové špice, váha 1498g +/- 3%

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Tire Compatibility

  • Compatible with regular clincher tires with innertubes.
  • Compatible with tubeless-ready tires from leading manufacturers.
  • When using tubeless tires do not exceed 100psi for riding. (Upto 120psi may be required to initially seat the tire) 100psi is plenty for road tubeless.
  • Tire pressures should decrease as sizes increase. EG: 30mm tire no more than 85psi, 35mm tire no more than 60psi, 40-45mm tire no more than 40psi.

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About Us

With over a decade of experience designing, building and racing carbon road bikes Winspace are at the forefront of carbon fiber technology. Utilizing a mix of our in-house carbon expertise with help from some of the premiere bicycle design houses from around the world; we produce world-beating frames and wheels. Thanks to our unique business model we are able to keep our overheads low and pass on the savings to you, the consumer. This allows us to deliver top-tier performance that doesn’t break the bank.


At Winspace, we take safety as paramount. We test to and beyond numerous international standards. Our production facilities are regularly inspected and we perform the strictest QC on both our suppliers and our own finished products. We sponsor multiple UCI Continental Teams around the world to make sure our products are able to handle the punishment that top-level athletes demand of their equipment. We offer a 3-year warranty for all our framesets, and a 2-year warranty on our wheelsets.

Why Winspace?

At Winspace, we’re a customer-orientated brand that believes in empowering customers to build their own dream bikes. We try to offer as much choice as possible (all our road bikes and wheelsets are available in both rim or disc brake) and design products that are friendly to the home-mechanic. We also offer a choice of direct shipping to your door via our website, or offline retail shopping through our every-growing list of global dealers.