EZZY The Flight wing

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EZZY The Flight wing - velikost 2.2, 2.8, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0

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****   obsah balení EZZY wingu    ****

- EZZY wing s obalem

- leash

- pumpa Naish Airmax2 ( bez pumpy bude cena snížena o 1000,-Kč )


Nabízíme pozici team rider pro EZZY wing - testování, recenze nebo zakoupení wingu za nižší cenu.

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Quiet and Tensioned Profile

Our work has focused on developing a wing with the correct aerodynamic profile, combined with high skin tension and quiet performance. These three factors are hugely important to the power, stability, handling, and durability of a wing.

It's relatively easy to make a wing with a decent profile, but if there is not enough internal tension, the profile quickly changes under even the slightest wind pressure. Low skin tension translates into wing instability. 

It is also easy to make a wing with high skin tension, but if not done right, it can over-flatten the profile making the wing unstable and lacking power. 

Then, throw into the mix, the problem of trailing edge flutter. In addition to be being distracting, flutter can kill your wing in a matter of minutes because of the detrimental effect it has on the weave and resin bond of the cloth. If the canopy flutters, the fabric stretches and the wing changes shape, impacting power, stability and handling. 

We have achieved both high skin tension, as well as a stable profile to give you a wing that has power, stability and handling. In addition, our trailing edges don't flutter, even if you get caught out way over-powered.


Lightweight, ergonomic handles match your wrist angle so you are able to relax your arms.

Leading Edge & Strut

Our low stretch dacron is the best in its class in terms of stretch, firmness and durability.


Our 50 g/m² woven polyester ripstop canopy is strong, lightweight and low stretch.


Surgical grade, 100 micron bladder material is the best in the industry.


Separate leading edge and strut valves allows for different air pressures between the strut and leading edge. This produces a stiffer feeling wing and it also gives you the added security that you will always be able to make it back to the beach in case of a mishap.

Vnější průměr ventiů je 20,3mm ( 51/64'').

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EZZY The Flight wing

EZZY wing - jumps, waves