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The FLIGHT way

The Flight Sails head office is based on Tenerife/ Canary Islands, providing perfect research & development conditions throughout the whole year. Our development team uses an exclusive 3D software that has been designed to build extremely efficient America’s Cup foils, bringing the scientific experience of the world’s most important sailboat competition right into the windsurfing industry.
FLIGHT SAILS lead sail designer Jose Fernandez has cooperated with the software development company to adjust the America's Cup 3D sail design software to the needs of high performance windsurfing sail design.

Any client request is directly handled from our head office staff to ensure the best client service possible, straight from the brand. Our factory staff’s skills and worker’s rights are the key points of the Flight Sails production in Sri Lanka.

Every single Flight sail is handcrafted and carefully checked before leaving our factory!

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flight sails zorro ab
od 10 500 Kč bez DPH
od 12 705 Kč / ks

Performance Wave plachta - velikosti 3.2, 3.6, 4.0, 4.4, 4.8, 5.2, 5.6

Kód: 771/ORA
mast fs1c
od 8 700 Kč bez DPH
od 10 527 Kč / ks

stěžeň Flight Sails, průměr RDM, 100% karbonu, konstantní

Kód: 774/340

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