obal na wing board Side On

Kód: 1000
Značka: SIDE ON FR
2 057 Kč / ks 1 700 Kč bez DPH
skladem ( 1- 2 týdny )

obal na wing board Side On,  tloušťka materiálu 5mm, 1x popruh

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Rozměry :

  • 142/58-4'8/23''
  • 163/66-5'4''/26''
  • 173/80-5'8/32''
  • 188/76-6'2/30''
  • 198/76-6'6''/30'', cena 2.178,-Kč s DPH


In the early 2000s, SIDE ON was born with the ambition of providing its distributors with accessible and quality products so that as many people as possible can enjoy the joys of windsurfing.
In concrete terms, SIDE ON develops a wide and complete range of low-cost windsurfing equipment and accessories at the best value for money.
To ensure that the equipment does not hinder the practice of sport, SIDE ON insists on a relationship
of trust with practitioners, some of whom are beginners, with products that are certainly not very
innovative, but reliable and essential.
The brand maintains commercial but also productive exchanges with the « general public » sports brands
and sailing schools in order to collect any information likely to improve its products.

To offer essential products, at the best value for money so that everyone can practice windsurfing with
confidence and control over his budget