paddleboard F2 Glide Wing/WS Grey

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Značka: F2
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Paddleboard F2 Ride Windsurf, délka 311, 329 a 357cm, bag, pump, ALU paddle

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- windsurf option
- tear-resistant bungee straps for secure storage of equipment
- cut Diamond Pad for maximum comfort and support
- Balanced volume distribution
- High-end dropstitch material in 6"
- additional rings for attaching the seat


Board: 10,2‘
Länge: 311 cm
Breite: 79 cm
Dicke: 15 cm
Finnen: 3x Slot-Box Finne

Board: 10,8‘
Länge: 329 cm
Breite: 81 cm
Dicke: 15 cm
Finnen: 3x Slot-Box Finne

Board: 11,7‘
Länge: 357 cm
Breite: 82 cm
Dicke: 15 cm
Finnen: 3x Slot-Box Finne

logo F2

F2´s future

F2 has just celebrated its 40th anniversary. If you consider that in 1980 when the company exposed for the first time its product line in Paris at the “Salon Nautique” there were more than 100 windsurf brands competing. F2 has overcome all these years of strong competition and changing markets with greatness. The brand is today, according to a market research study in Germany still the most popular name and will enhance its position with fresh capital and improved visibility and dealer network.

F2, fun & function is more than a brand. It is a product philosophy. If it´s followed seriously, success will be a faithful companion.