ploutvička K4 Fins - 3SW freestyle - wave for RRD

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Značka: K4 Fins UK
1 815 Kč / ks 1 500 Kč bez DPH
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ploutvička typ boxu
K4 3SW délka
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Freestyle-wave ploutvička

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The 3SW freestyle-wave fin. Developed with help from the Official Test Centre Weymouth.  A fin that will give you amazing speed and control, secure and loose carving on the fast flats or choppy waves. The material is K4’s ‘Super Stiff’, the ideal composite for freestyle-wave fins; great reflex, stiff enough for excellent acceleration and direct response, enough flex for speed, grip and control. The 3SW also works great in big wave boards.


3SW – Freestyle wave.

32 PB 345 434 SS
30 PB 313 390 SS
28 PB/US (14.0) 283 350 SS
26 PB/US (14.0) 252 316 SS
24 PB/US (14.0) 223 280 SS
22 PB/US (13.3) 197 254 SS
20 PB/US (13.3) 173 228 SS
18 PB/US (12.8) 151 172 SS



TT = Tuttle head, PB = Power box head, MT = Mini-tuttle head,  SB = Slot box head, US = US head (length in brackets)

All fin lengths in cm. All areas in cm². All weights (g) are approximate due to head variations.

DF = Dynamic Flex – Black Logo, SS = Super Stiff – Red logo. (Super stiff material 15% heavier than Dynamic Flex)

RAKE = The angle the fin leading edge (at the base) is tilted back from the vertical. 

K4 logo

About K4 Fins

K4 Fins specialise in innovative & revolutionary performance wave, freestyle, freeride & freestyle-wave windsurfing fins. Our fins are unique to windsurfing. They’re made using plastic composite – giving them extra flex, reflex & outstanding performance.

Our dedication to water time and designing the best performing products on the market means that we are constantly innovating and expanding our product range so that we can break new ground.