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Značka: Pat Love USA
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sedací trapéz Pat Love ACE, rychlovypínák, suchý zip

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sedací trapéz Pat Love ACE, rychlovypínák, suchý zip přes boky, velikosti M, L

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The story

Pat Love’s story begins in 1975 in Hawaii with a group of passionate friends, living their surf culture by dreaming in front of «The Endless Summer», in a spirit of freedom, hedonism and carefree, rich in encounters and trips.
In the context of non-conformity, the foundations of Pat Love are laid: the good taste is bland and insignificant. Beauty is in eccentricity and difference. Over the years, the brand has forged a strong identity, partly thanks to the influence of Italian design and to instinctive graphic choices that are both asserted and offbeat.

Wanting to please at all costs by following current trends is not our priority. Visually, the Pat Love brand wants to be independent even if it means appearing out of place. To conceptualize such an idea requires a well-defined DNA.

Ours is based on three key points:
An act of creation consisting in concretizing a dazzling, a desire that comes out of the gut. Hedonism, a touch of provocation and a hint of subversion.

The origins:
Pat Love is historically part of the origins of windsurfing and surfing (pioneering spirit, passion, know-how, carefree, hedonism, surf culture, timelessness…).

(With) style:
Creating with instinct (the content), should not make you forget the form.
A balance between the two is necessary to surprise, question, provoke, generate meaning,… but always with style.