windsurf plachta Naish No Cam Freerace 2024

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20 570 Kč / ks 17 000 Kč bez DPH
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freerace plachta - velikosti 5.8, 6.4, 7.0, 7.8, 8.6

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Naish No Cam sail

The all-new Naish No Cam freerace windsurf sail is a versatile and powerful sail designed for riders that want to go fast but enjoy the easy rigging and handling of a no cam sail. The new design offers easy and efficient downhaul tension making it a breeze to rig. On the water, the sail easily inflates, creating a superb low end. Once on the plane, the sail drives forward effortlessly and reaches top speeds with little effort. It is well balanced between getting going power, acceleration, and speed potential. All of this comes in a no-cam package that provides easy handling through maneuvers. 


  • easy rigging : The easy rigging of a no cam sail combined with the DNA of a slalom sail
  • efficient low end : easy inflation to provide a great low-end and fast acceleration
  • top end control : with a progressive leech the sail has the ability to handle at the top end and comfort to the rider in order to go fast
  • tough + lightweight tube/rode battens : increases draft stability
  • Equilibrated batten pockets : improved rotation + lightweight
  • Large clear monofilm window : increased visibility
  • double scrim luff panel : leading edge shape control


5.8 432 177 SDM 430 vario 5 0
6.4 442 182 SDM 430 vario 5 0
7.0 460 189 SDM 460 fixed 6 0
7.8 478 200 SDM 460 fixed 6 0
8.6 490 208 SDM 490 fixed 6 0




Since 1979, Naish has been crafting the tools for you to heighten each and every one of those cherished moments. Fine-tuning every curve, edge and seam along the way, each product is thoughtfully constructed, not only to excel in the moment, but to stand the test of time.

Driven by a passion for the sport and a thirst to innovate, Naish fuses the talent of top engineers and athletes with cutting edge technologies and premium materials. The result is a wide range of SUP, windsurfing, kiting and surfing products developed to suit the individual needs of anyone from the seasoned professional, to the weekend warrior, to someone just getting their toes wet for the first time.

Whatever the reason, whatever the impulse, wherever the water takes you . . .

this is your moment. Make it extraordinary.


Robby Naish