windsurf plovák NAISH Bullet 2024

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freerace/foil plovák, výtlak 105, 120 a 135l

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plovák Naish Bullet, výtlak 135l je k dispozici na testy všem zájemcům


 "The Naish Bullet Freerace is a board for seasoned windsurfers looking to take their game to the next level. Boasting a sleek and streamlined design, the Naish Bullet Freerace accelerates effortlessly to blasting speeds. Its medium-wide, compact body offers supreme wind range and power, while the refined rails provide the perfect combination of early planning, control at top
speed, and jibing performance. The board has a thinner profile at the mast track that lowers the center of gravity, enhancing control and providing you with added confidence for faster and longer runs. Constructed using CNC shaping and a full PVC sandwich carbon layup, the Naish Bullet Freerace is built to last and provide you with years of top-notch windsurfing. The board's optimized stance ensures that you can maintain a high average speed while conserving energy, making it possible for you to make sporty jibes with ease in a variety of turning arcs. It is the ultimate board range to go fast with ease. Making it fun for the everyday slalom sailor."

  • "Streamlined Design
  • A design that finds its roots in high-performance slalom sailing adapted for everyday use of no-cam Freerace and 2- 3 cam Freerace sails.
  • Progressive rockerline
  • Shaped to smoothly get planing and then accelerate to top speed swiftly.
  • Ergonomic Stance
  • The board's optimized stance provides windsurfers with the ability to sail comfortably and maintain top speeds over long distances.
  • Thinned-out mast track section
  • Providing a lower center of effort that stabilizes the board at speed.
  • Refined rail shape
  • Achieves the right balance between high-speed race jibes while still getting around the corner with ease, also at lower speeds.
  • Quality Construction
  • A crisp direct PVC sandwich carbon layup that provides stiffness at lightweight.



Naish Stratos 2024


Since 1979, Naish has been crafting the tools for you to heighten each and every one of those cherished moments. Fine-tuning every curve, edge and seam along the way, each product is thoughtfully constructed, not only to excel in the moment, but to stand the test of time.

Driven by a passion for the sport and a thirst to innovate, Naish fuses the talent of top engineers and athletes with cutting edge technologies and premium materials. The result is a wide range of SUP, windsurfing, kiting and surfing products developed to suit the individual needs of anyone from the seasoned professional, to the weekend warrior, to someone just getting their toes wet for the first time.

Whatever the reason, whatever the impulse, wherever the water takes you . . .

this is your moment. Make it extraordinary.


Robby Naish