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stěžeň Dynafiber Nytro, průměr RDM, 50% karbonu, včetně obalu pro 1-2 stěžně, konstantní

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During the 1970s, on the banks of the Hood River in Oregon, passionate windsurfers keen to improve their navigation made the same observation: why not use the best materials of the moment to make a high-performance and innovative equipment?
The proximity of Seattle and its aeronautical industry helped, it was enough to divert technologies, thus DYNAFIBER was born. The use of composite materials would pave the way for major innovations in windsurfing up to today: high-performance, solid masts, extensions and booms that were increasingly lighter.

Use, or even divert, the best innovative materials and use the most appropriate technologies for the sole purpose of optimizing the performance of our products


Amateur as well as professional, the athlete sets up his own success cursor.
This level of performance in sports requiring equipment owes much to quality, innovation and upstream R&D work.
It is through an interest in the different technologies, the different materials, the possible diversions and in a proactive approach, that a breakthrough in the service of performance can exist.